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Our ecommerce division delivers outstanding prodcuts to customers direct to their door.

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Yearly Fundraiser

Advanced Foot Energizer®

Advanced Foot Energizer is our brand of stimulating foot massagers using Powerd Muscle Stimulation and TENS.

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Pain Relief Essentials®

Helping visitors learn about conditions that cause pain and promoting products that we believe best help relieve pain and rehabilitate muscles - including pets and equine. Find Electronic Muscle Massagers and Supplies, Far infrared wraps, and more.

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Yearly Fundraiser .com™

Take an innovative new approach to fundraising for your organization.

We represent a collection of fantastic products including brands owned by Northwest Essentials like Advanced Foot Energizer and Pain Relief Essentials. Our Yearly Fundraiser brand represents home products with natural national brands. We are also dealers for Thermotex, Rhythm Touch, Grace Harbor Farms, and more fine products.

You will find our product on the websites above. Some products are also availalbe through ourAmazon store and Ebay store.


Special Services

Northwest Essentials offers wholesale distribution opportunities, and can work with you on custom import projects.